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Jabal Al Ka'aba: Work

Jabal Al Ka'aba Hotel | Mecca, Saudi Arabia

The Jabal Al Ka’aba project is a 5 million sf, 5,500 room, five-star hotel planned as an expansion to an existing 1,800 room hotel. The hotel is designed to comfortably accommodate nearly 30,000 guests during annual Hajj and Ramadan pilgrimages - the highest occupancy of any hotel in the world. Five hotel towers, ranging from 30 to 40 stories in height, are oriented to provide views toward the Grand Mosque. Public areas in the podium are arranged around a central courtyard space, which references traditional Islamic and Andalusian architecture and provides an quiet respite for travellers on their religious journey.

This project was designed while under the employment of  tvsdesign

Jabal Al Ka'aba: Welcome
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