Growing up around t-squares, prismacolors, trash paper (and the dreaded, ammonia-filled blueprint machine), Taylor has always had a keen interest in design. Be it the objects we use everyday, the places we visit, or the spaces we inhabit – he holds the belief that we are all a product of design, as well as designers in our own right. Having completed formal training in architecture and landscape architecture at Auburn University, Taylor is currently honing his skills and sharing his talents with others in Atlanta, Georgia, so they might appreciate the value of good design.

Whether designing a performative landscape which responds to the seasons, staging a vacant property to make it feel like home, or using 3D printing to redefine the architectural workflow, Taylor is constantly challenging himself to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Outside of the design realm, Taylor enjoys many other creative endeavors. On any given day of the week, you may find him sketching Atlanta landmarks, behind the lens at a photoshoot, playing piano for an event, or hunting for treasures at a favorite haunt. Each of these pursuits he treats with the same level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that drive his design work.