Urban Living Block

Greenville, SC | bARCH studio

Following a series of calculated moves using contextual buildings, the "urban living block" was developed - a series of towers, or "blocks", which step upward in both plan and section. This arrangement allows the building to better occupy the site, while providing ample exterior circulation space for shoppers and maximizing views for residents. The Center City district of Greenville is full of artisans and craftsmen, and the Urban Living Block is designed to provide an artist with living quarters above a work/retail shop.

Each of the six residential units is accessed by one of three circulation towers, which also provide circulation between the public street-front sidewalk and the private back alley and gardens.

The skin is composed of corrugated perforated metal panels in front of the balcony/entry spaces. The panels are operable, adapting through time to allow in daylight and ventilation when needed.