Bird + house

Sparrow House | bARCH studio

The sparrow is the inspiration for this bird+house. Sparrows spend most of their time on the ground feeding, and they make their nests usually in small, low-lying shrubs or bushes. The sparrow is a small bird, and if one could describe its attitude towards life, it would be naïve, never thinking about anything above the lowest branches of the trees. Although the term "lowly sparrow" usually comes to mind when describing this bird, sparrows are considered one of the highest orders of the aviary family.

The bird+house is what its name implies: it is both a house for the sparrow, as well as a representation of the bird itself. Interwoven wires in the center create a bush-like environment familiar to the bird, while the outer spiral is rooted in the ground. As it spirals upward, the mesh diminishes in size, just as the bird's knowledge of life above diminishes as it climbs above the ground. The center post acts just like the center trunk of a shrub or bush, and from the bottom, roots "grow" out to support the whole bird+house.